Black magic protection yagya

this yagya is very powerfull for all types of black maic removal with protection and after this yagya u get it Tantra pryog Raksha Kavach is the most powerful Talisman for protection and cure of Black magic. “Shri Dusmahavidhya Kavach‘ Tantra pryog raksha Kavach’ eradicates all ill-effects of Black magic, Evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits. It cures one of evil effects of past attacks and protects one from all future attacks. The effect of ‘Shri Dusmahavidhya Kavach’ Tantra pryog raksha Kavach” never gets reduced. Its protection is life-long, and lasts for as long as it is worn. The moment it is worn, the negative effects start receding and its protection starts, freeing the wearer from all evil influences which can ruin & destroy one’s present and future life. ‘Shri Dusmahavidhya Kavach’ Tantra pryog raksha Kavach” both Kavach is blessed with so much extraordinary energy and power that it can guard and protect an individual against the strongest super-natural forces, negative powers and reverse/break any kind of spell. The wearer of ‘Shri Dusmahavidhya Kavach’ & “Tantra pryog raksha Kavach”both Kavach always remains saved from any Black magic attack. ShriGurumaharaaj Mahakaal Trikalanand saraswati ji maharaja has been prepared both kavach after the chanting & yagya of shri dusmahavidhya shakti anushtaan & maa kamakhya anushtaan which is the complete process of preparing of both kavach 51 days. (But some very serious case takes Guruji maharaaj ji time 153 days for three cycles for black magic removal and each cycle will complete 51 days.) After then u get this very powerful kavach and wore on ur neck then remove all Black magic effect and also protect life time any types of Black magic or Tantra pryog or Tantra abichaar.Shri gurumaharaaj ji done hard sadhana of Maa Kmakahya & Shridusmahavidhya shakti last 15th year from Kmakahya siddh peet Assam. Black Magic and spiritual healer shri shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand saraswati ji Gurumaharaaj devotee of Maa Kmakahya & Shri Dasmahavidya.if u feel on ur any types of black magic or Tantra related pryog by any tantrik then u can contact with shrigurumaharaaj ji on ashram cell phone directly to remove ur black magic.