Dhoomavati Mahavidhya Yagya Anusthan

There is a narration regarding goddess Dhoomavati that once goddess Parvati being tormented by great hunger requested Lord Shiva to satisfy her hunger. But Lord Shiva did not respond. When he did not respond even after her repeated request than she swallowed Lord Shiva himself. Smoke came out from her appearance. Lord Shiva told her that from now onwards her enchanting appearance of Bhagta would be known as ‘Dhooma or Dhoomavati’. Goddess Dhoomavati’s appearance resembles that of an old woman terrifying, always tormented by great thirst and hunger and is considered to posses’ great powers. Ketu maharaaj (Ketu planets) long time done a hard sdahana of maa Dhoomavati and got a shakti and grace of maa shakti due this ketu maharaaj planet godess of maa “Dhoomavati mahavidhya” shakti,he is always respect and obeyed of maa dhaaomavati maa shakti,and maa dhoomavati mahavidhya have been completley contraliing on “ketu  maharaaj” planets.who is worship of maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti everyday so Ketu maharaaj “always pleased him and give him grace.

When any person born in “Kaal Sarpa Yoga” or any difficulties faced related to “Ketu planet” or face Rahu Mahadasha or Ketu Anterdasha or Pratener Dasha the who’s person come in shelter of maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti and do worship daily and maa dhoomavati sidh yantra poojen everyday evening he feel relief something in his life by gyace of maa “Dhoomavati shakti”when u see in ur personal life in these problem like tha’s there are frequent quarrels with elder.children face problem.
Rahu is capable of bringing fast recovery from injuries.the enemies are terrified of him.it’s a harmful for family and wealth.the natal dies after being hit by a weapon.when the any person born Kaal Sarpa yoga any types the he face in his life many problem wealth and health related and his also whole family.he never get reward in his work.the father may die  natal is 21 or 42 year when the rahu is 5 th house in kundali.the natal shall not beget son from the first wife is Saturn is debilitated.the wife shall be ill for 12 years after the child birth when the rahu is 5 th house in kundali,the couple is not able to see their first child is destroyed in womb itself,when the rahu is 7 th house then the natal shall hold post he does not have financial gains or enjoys the happiness of family.when the rahu is 8th age place situated then natal does not stick to any particular job but keeps on changing.the life shall be full of  ups and downs.Rahu may even cause an accident or deception by someone.if Saturn is weak then it gives evil effect, but if mars is in the 12 th house then it shall be all right. And the Rahu planets”given 9 th house bad effect whole family wealth and they always suffer form wealth.in the 10 th house is Rahu maharaaj situated the he give mother health effective his person all works disturb and his always suffer his life but not get good reward.he face skin related disease.his stomach always weak,the natal is dreamer.he is not able to make both ends meet inspite of hard work.Being disappointed he may even think of suicide.He is restless and troubled with undueexpenditure.

So if you face above problem of Rahu planet related of u have Kaal Sarpa yoga the u have to do most remedy of” Kaal Sarpa yoga”or Ketu related any problem or face evil effect of rahu maharaaj .u have to do most on of the important remedy “maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya yagay anushatan by maa dhoomavati tantra sadhak not any pandit because maa dhoomavati always pleased of tantra sadhak not any pandit.

So if u want make ur life better and peacefull  then u do above yagaya nushatan with complete process.after then process u fell something relief day by day and improve ur life and remove ur kundali evil effect of raha palnest or Kaal Sarpa yoga.

Process of Maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya yagya anushtan

  1. If you want to get Maa Dhoomavati shakti grace then u have to do Maa Dhoomavati yagya anushtan your self then you have to come Lucknow on day of yagya. You will give Sankalp on phone before   31 th days of yagya,( it’s will be depend on ur  rahu planets evil effect in ur kundali) and then you come to Lucknow end of the yagya anushtan If it is possible you come and do yagya your self.  After yagya you take grace of ” Maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti”and after then yagya poojen u get mantra chanting sidh kavach of maa Dhoomavati and sidh maa Dhoomavati yantra by Mahakaal Trikalanand saraswati ji guru maharaaj (Dusmahavidhya and maa kamakhya sadhak).then You feel as happy as not in your whole life. And also more than success in every field but trust of most on gurumaharaaj and maa chhinnmasta  mahavidhya shakti.

You have to mail me your photo (person who is effected by,Rahu maharaaj  , or Kaal Sarpa yoga related at any house of kundali problem ) with ur complete detail( date of birth and birth of place and birth timing and how many timing u suffer  the problem etc) and problem and call me +9889188666 or+917275016000 to give “SANKALP” for starting of your Poojan. After that process your Poojan “Maa Dhoomavati  mahavidhya shakti will be start and you also have to do some mantra jaap till the Yagya .I give you that mantra at Sankalp time. After yagya I send you a maa DhoomavatisidhYantra,  sidh maa Dhoomavati Kavach .You can see some changes in your life problem but you do some faith on your self and do mantra and some other process I tell you.what is perfect for ur better life improvement.and get grace of Ketu maharaaj  planets.