Diksha: A process of purifying life

Now a question arises, what the disciple must do to receive Diksha and the steps by which he must proceed? Is it necessary to take Diksha periodically or only one Diksha is enough? Can the Sadhaks given to pleasure make their lives pure? Can people living in adverse circumstances free themselves from the bondages of attachment, pleasure and sin? Can a person avoid doing undesirable deeds? It is not at all possible for a normal person to avoid such things. He has to literally struggle for the achievement of worldly happiness. He cannot live on wild-berries in a jungle. It is his wish to perform pure Sadhnas and to be successful in them, even when he is living in adverse atmosphere. He wants to make his ambition come true with the help of Sadhnas. It is possible because whenever the disciple thinks about Sadhna, it is clear that he has respect for Gurudev, has faith in the energy of Mantra and the techniques of Tantra, and thus wants to place, their fused energy i.e. Yantra, in his house, so that his wealth and success increase. I have already cleared that Diksha is the greatest boon of our life, a charity given by Guru which is useful in laying the foundation and upbringing of life. Diksha is differentiated into three categories according to the Tantra scriptures: 1. Shambhvi Diksha 2. Shaakt Diksha 3. Mantri Diksha But these Dikshas are only suitable for people who have devoted their lives to Tantra. Hence they cannot lead a family life.