Diksha: when and which

There are no auspicious or inauspicious moments as far as the Guru is concerned and whenever a person approaches Him with full faith and some problem to be solved a true Guru would never hesitate to give Diksha. But as far as the disciple is concerned for him the best moments are when he has fully devoted himself in the Guru, for then if he obtains some Diksha he is able to imbibe the flow of energy fully. Also although one should feel free to relate one’s problems openly to the Guru, yet it is always better to let the Guru decide which Diksha would suit one the best because a Guru can easily peer into the future and He would be more aware than the disciple how the latter should be equipped to tackle the current problem and those that might arise in the future. Although Guru Diksha links one subtly to the Guru’s soul still from time to time one should personally meet the Guru even though one might not be facing any problem. And if the Guru suggests some Dikshas it means that He wishes to prepare you for some future eventuality. So never hesitate to take the Diksha even though at present you might not feel it to be necessary. Without doubt Diksha is the greatest boon of life and through it one can not just fulfil one’s worldly wishes rather one could also attain divinity. Another very important purpose of Diksha is to ensure success in Sadhanas or Mantra rituals. If one has had Diksha before one starts some Mantra or Tantra Sadhana then success becomes 99% assured, for the Guru takes upon Himself the responsibility of making one succeed. By putting in just 1% effort one could thus achieve success in a Sadhana amazingly fast. The boons of Dikshas are limitless and one could go on enumerating them till ever. In short this is a quick, easy and unfailing path to success and glory in life provided of course one has unmoving faith in the Guru and His powers. Guru Diksha is the initial, starting base. Special Diksha means that you can get your desires and wishes fulfilled through it – like getting rich, famous, popular, getting a good life partner, good children etc. In short whatever you wish for can be fulfilled only through special Diksha. However, taking Diksha once is not enough. One might need to take Dikshas again and again to achieve success, as each time, it will remove some past bad karmas and one might have a big stock of past bad karmas. It is preferable to take Diksha in person, but taking Diksha on a photograph also has some good effects.