Importance of Diksha

Diksha is the foundation of every kind of worship and penance, therefore a Sadhak must always avoid long methods and adopt the easy way. Receiving Diksha is such a way. A Guru who cannot grant Diksha is not fit to be a Guru, he is a fraud. An Ashram without the tradition of Diksha is just like a desert. Unless there is arrangement of transferring spiritual energy, it cannot be called an Ashram. A real Guru is the one who knows the methods of Diksha, because it is the only power which transfers knowledge and wisdom into the disciple. Even though he is sinful, he is freed from all bondages. In fact Diksha is the greatest treasure, boon of life, basis of the fusion with Shiva and a system by which a human being transforms into Maheshwar. The Sadhak not only achieves divinity, but also gets Gurudev’s power.