Kamala Mahavidhya Yagya Anushthan

Goddess Kamala is the personified energy of Lord Vishnu and a companion in all the divine activities of MahaVishnu.she is tenth mahavidhya and last mahavidhya shakti,her worship gives victory, splendors, wealth,and good health venus planest remove evil effect because venus planest is sadahak of Maa Kamala when the venus planets given evil effect any horoscope then the person face many trouble like that’s health of wife suffer,mental problems.misconduct is not good for natal.Even though natal will be rich person,but he will be laborious. He may become a recluse if he is unmarried, he will not able to build his own house,even if he succeeds in making it,it shall be ruined.natal will be dear to everyone.Evil tongue,deeply  involved in debt,trapped in various diseases,wicked women. Visit religious place will not be benefical for children ,money will not be problem but male members in house will be less.if  venus is in the 9 th house,mars will be an evil,hence it will adversely ever since the first day of marriage. When the venus in 10 th house in kundali any person then contact with other women will be harmful for the happiness of children,Brother and wife will suffer form illness. If Saturn is weak then he will be miserable.when the venus in Eleventh house then suffering from semen related problem: impotent: he must have to lost his vitality in childhood days.He should be fed with gold in the weak period so that seman becomes stronger,should donate sesame.server Mercury will be a good companion.wife will appear innocent but will be evil in nature.and who person very benefical worship  goddess of Maa Kamala everyday  whos person they have no children long time or childless couple or venus planest remove evill effet in ur kundali then he have to do most Maa Kamala mahavidhya shakti yagya anushthan with chanting the mantra by any Maa Kamala tantra sdahka not any pandit,because Maa kamal is tanta shakti devi and she always pleased by tantra anushthan by tantra shakti sadhak or dus mahavidhya sadhak not a pandit.

Process of Maa Kamala mahavidhya yagya anushthan

  1. If you want to get Maa Kmala shakti grace then u have to do Maa Kamala yagya anushthan your self then you have to come Lucknow on day of yagya. You will give to  Sankalp on phone before   31 sth days of yagya,( it’s depend on ur 7 th house  lord venus effective in ur kundali) and then you come to Lucknow end of the yagya anushthan If it is possible you come and do yagya your self.  After yagya you take grace of ” Maa Kmala mahavidhya shakti”and after then yagya poojen u get mantra chanting sidh kavach of Maa Kamala and sidh Maa Kamala yantra by kaula avdhoot Trikalanand saraswati ji guru maharaaj (dusmahavidhya and Maa kamakhya sadhak).then You feel as happy as not in your whole life. And also more than success in every field but trust of most on guru maharaaj and Maa  Kamala mahavidhya shakti.

You have to mail me your photo (person who is effected by any venus  planets  in 7 th  house lord  in kundali problem ) with ur complete detail( date of birth and birth of place and birth timing and how many timing u suffer  the problem etc) and problem and call me +919889188666 or+917275016000 to give “SANKALP” for starting of your Poojan. After that process your Poojan “MaaKamala   mahavidhya shakti will be start and you also have to do some mantra jaap till the Yagya .I give you that mantra at Sankalp time. After yagya I send you a “Maa   Kmala sidhYantra,  sidh Maa Kamala Kavach and santaan parpti kavach (only for childless couple ).You can see some changes in your life problem but you do some faith on your self and do mantra and some other process I tell you. What is perfect for ur better life improvement and get grace of Maa Kamala.