Maa Dhoomavati  Yantra


There is a narration regarding goddess Dhoomavati that once goddess Parvati being tormented by great hunger requested Lord Shiva to satisfy her hunger. But Lord Shiva did not respond. When he did not respond even after her repeated request than she swallowed Lord Shiva himself. Smoke came out from her appearance. Lord Shiva told her that from now onwards her enchanting appearance of Bhagta would be known as ‘Dhooma or Dhoomavati’. Goddess Dhoomavati’s appearance resembles that of an old woman terrifying, always tormented by great thirst and hunger and is considered to posses’ great powers. Ketu maharaaj (Ketu planets) long time done a hard sdahana of maa Dhoomavati and got a shakti and grace of maa shakti due this ketu maharaaj planet godess of maa “Dhoomavati mahavidhya” shakti,he is always respect and obeyed of maa dhaaomavati maa shakti,and maa dhoomavati mahavidhya have been completley contraliing on “ketu  maharaaj” planets.who is worship of maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti everyday so Ketu maharaaj “always pleased him and give him grace.
Dhoomavati is the smoky form of Shakti. She is also known as the eternal widow, the Shakti without Shiva. She is ugly and also called Alakshmi, the one who is without Laxmi or radiance.
Goddess Dhoomavati give total protection to Her worshipper from any sort of black magic , all types of court cases , protection for the wealth and protection form enemies. It neutralize the effects of Planet Rahu .
Dhoomavati is the Divine Goddess at the time of the deluge, when the Earth is under water. While being ugly and fearsome, she is blessing with her right hand those who can still see the Divine Mother in her. The black crow on her flag is the symbol of dark forces and black magic.
The Sadhana of this Mahavidya can be done on any moonless night after 10 p.m take a bath, wear black robes and sit alone in a room facing south on a black worship mat. Before yourself place a wooden seat coverd with a black cloth. In a steel plate place Dhoomavati Yantra. On one side place the picture of the Goddess. Next it in another plate place yantra and Dhoomavati Mala.
Maa Dhoomavati Mantra
Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomaavati Tthah Tthah