Mahakali Mahavidhya Yagya Anusthan

When the people face in his life Saturn(Shani) mahadasha,Shani sadeeshati,Shani daaya or any place Shani situated in kundali and give him evil effect , problem in family life or parents then he have to do most Mahakali yagya anushatan getting of grace of Maa kali and remove the evil effect of Saturn as soon as possible at any rate .if Saturn is malicious the person is greatly disappointed and suffer from stomach related diseases; he loses wealth and health, being frivolous in love; cough, trouble related to ear and diminished vision, suddenly face of accident, when the Saturn is sitting in 7 th house the natal is shrewd and has long life. he is troubled by his wife, son, and friends, he learns witchcraft. He get to do all works disappointed unsucess. he suffer many mental and physical problem in his whole life, so if u ant to remove to ur kundali above evil effect then u have to do by Mahakali sadhak Shani dosh nashak Mahakali yagya anushthan.
Process of Maa Mahakali Mahavidhya yagya anushthan1. (1)- If you want to do shanti yagya your self then you have to come Lucknow on day of yagya. You will give Sankalp on phone before 21 or 31 days of yagya,{it’s depend on ur Shani evil effect in ur kundali) and then you come to Lucknow end of the yagya anushthan If it is possible you come and do yagya your self. After yagya you take grace Of Shri Shani dev Maharaaj and also Mahakali and u get sidh Mahakali yantra, Mahakali kavach by Shri trikalanand saraswati ji guru maharaaj. You feel as happy as not in your whole life.

(2)- You have to mail me your photo (person who is effected byShani dosha) with ur complete detail( date of birth and birth of place and birth timing and how many timing u suffer Shani dosha problem etc) and problem and call me +919889188666 or +91 9793834666 to give “SANKALP” for starting of your Poojan. After that process your Poojan “Shani dosha” will be start and you also have to do some mantra jaap till the Yagya .I give you that mantra at Sankalp time. After yagya I send you a Mahakali sidhYantra, sidh Mahakali Kavach .You can see some changes in your life problem but you do some faith on your self and do mantra and some other process I tell you.