Matangi Mahavidhya Yagya Anushthan

Maa Matangi is a ninth mahavidhya and she is also shakti of shiva roop “LordMatang”she is full controlling kundali 5 th house which is the knowledge place,study andeducatione ,children palce. She is remove all planets evilf effect at this house and prtocet allperson her blessing and always given victory.when the any planets given like that Guru,marsor rahu and ketu etc.evilf effect in the 5 th house.Maa Matangi grace remove when she willbe plesead any let us come to get grace of Maa Matangi mahavidhya shakti graceby yagya anushatn with chanting of if ur children face any educatione relatedproblem,or memory weak problem then u have to do M aa Ma tangi mahavidhya shaktianushatan by sadhak of Matangi shakti not any pandit becoz she is always pleased by tantrashakti sadhak worship.Process of Maa Matangi mahavidhya yagya anushthan1. If you want to get Maa Matangi shakti grace then u have to do Maa Matangi yagyaanushthan your self then you have to come Lucknow on day of yagya. You will giveto Sankalp on phone before 21th days of yagya,( it’s depend on ur 5 th house effectiveplanets in ur kundali) and then you come to Lucknow end of the yagya anushthan Ifit is possible you come and do yagya your self. After yagya you take grace of ” MaaMatangi mahavidhya shakti”and after then yagya poojen u get mantra chanting sidhkavach of Maa Matangi and sidh Maa Matangi yantra by kaula avdhoot Trikalanandsaraswati ji guru maharaaj (dusmahavidhya and Maa kamakhya sadhak).then You feelas happy as not in your whole life. And also more than success in every field but trustof most on guru maharaaj and Maa Matangi mahavidhya shakti.


2. You have to mail me your photo (person who is effected byany planets in 5 th housein kundali problem ) with ur complete detail( date of birth and birth of place andbirth timing and how many timing u suffer the problem etc) and problem and callme +919889188666 or +917275016000 to give “SANKALP” for starting of yourPoojan. After that process your Poojan “Maa Matangi mahavidhya shakti will be startand you also have to do some mantra jaap till the Yagya .I give you that mantra atSankalp time. After yagya I send you a “Maa Matangi sidhYantra, sidh Maa MatangiKavach .You can see some changes in your life problem but you do some faith on yourself and do mantra and some other process I tell you.what is perfect for ur better lifeimprovement.and get grace of Maa Matangi.