Nav Chandi Yagya Havan with Samputit Path

- Nav Chandi  shakti Yagya Havan is a very unique, rare and elaborate Yagna. Getting the NavChandi yagya havan done is an act of great merit and brings immense blessings from the Divine Mother. When one gets done the NavChandi Yagya, one acquires immense energy. As a result, even the greatest hardships that may seem hopeless to an individual may be conquered and at the same time immense blessings from the Divine Mother can be brought in.The Nav Chandi Yagna is a very unique sacrificial rite involving powerful Saptashati mantras. These mantras are 700 in number, spreading across 13 chapters of the Markandeya Purana. These chapters are divided into three parts. We do Samput of any Mantra according The problem. Sapth Shati Have more Mantras according Troubles in our life. When we take Samputit Path Yagya then Troubles will be going to remove.It will take for 9 days Pooja Yagya.