Remedy of Guru Chandal yog



BAGLAMUKHI PICTURE REMEDY OF GURU CHANDAL YOGA facing Guru Chandalyoga related any problem then u have to do must guruchandal yoga shanti yagya anushantan by Maa Baglamukhi and Maa Chinnmasta Mahavidhya sadhak as soon as possible not any pandit because it’s will be not effected the poojen ofpandit.after the yagya anushantan u wore onGuruchandal yoga muktisidh kavach on ur neck and worship the Maa Baglamukhi and Maa Chinnmasta sidh yantra everday without any break.when u have to do above process then u see soonley improvement in ur life and be happy.but before doing above yagya anushatan ur trust is important us any sadhak. It’s will be complete process of minimum Days & maximum 21 Days(it’s will be depend according to ur Horoscope Guru chandal yoga position & what he give u evil effect in ur life.Before chanting mantra & Anushtaan process u have to give me sankalpa (means right to do ur mantra chanting and worship of Rahu and Ketu then I will be started ur worship of yoga Guru Chandal yoga. If u want to remove of Guru Chandal Yoga bad effect in ur whole life then u have to do must< Guru Chandal shanti Yagya Anushtaan by sadhak of Shridusmahavidhya Maa Baglamukhi yagya ansushatanby chanting of mantra min 1,25000 times by sadhak and everyday mantras chanting 10th part do yagya ansutan after then complete process last day u have to do purnaya ahute yagya anshutan with sadhak. when complete above process yagya anshutan u wore on ur neck kaalsarpyog mukti kavch with sidh rudkrsha kavach because MAA DHOOMAVATI IS a lord mother of“KETU MAHARAAJ PLANETS”MAA CHINNMASTAMaa BAGLAMUKHI is lord of Jupiter & Mars planets due this remove to ur Guru Chandal yoga .Because she all goddess combined Anushtaan will be started when u get me sankalpa of ur Guru Chandal yog poojen.if ur Horoscope creat Guru Chandal yog due to Rahu with Guru (Jupiter) conjunction then we will do anushtaan of Maa Baglamukhi with Maa Chhinmasta.but when ur Horoscope creat Guru Chandal yoga due to Ketu with Guru (Jupiter planets)Conjunction then we will do anushtaan of Maa Dhoomavati with Maa Baglamukhi combined so both mahavidhya mantra chanting and yagya process everyday continue of 11 Day’s in Ashram of Kaal Vindhani Kaali Dhaam,Lucknow.