Saraswati Yagya

Saraswati, the manifestation of Mother Divine is responsible for the enlightenment and spread of pure knowledge, and also progress in areas of study and arts. By performing the Saraswati Yagya, the qualities of wisdom, intelligence and good memory are enhanced in the individual and the environment. Sarasawati Yagya helps gain blessings and support of Mother Divine in the areas of spiritual study, educational activities, arts, performing arts, writing, public speaking, visual arts and music. The Saraswati Yagya havan are often performed prior to starting studies. For knowledge, education, good karma and fame can be achieved through this Yagya. Goddess Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and is the controller of education, intelligence and speech. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning; mind ,intellect alertness and ego. The Yagya is also helpful in the curing the problem of stammering .