Saturn Mahadasa and Shani Sade Sati

If u want to remove ur life shani sade-sati or shani daaya or shani dosha evil & bad effect then yagya is the best way of the complete remove ur all shani dev evil effect .Because only worship or Totka shani planet related or wearing of shani dev gems & stone Ring can not remove shani dev evil effect it’s all method can gives only 25% to 30% relief shani evil effect because shani dev pleased of only mantra chanting and yagya when any person do shani dev shanti complete process by chanting of mantra and 10 th part of chanting yagya then he get complete relief in his life because it’s will be give 100% positive effect whole life.According to Purana all gems & stone shani related gives positive effect only 30% and all Totke shani related in human life but not 100% positive only Mantra chanting & yagya has been 100% positive result in human life .when Sade-sati generally affects close relatives more than the native,During the period, the native has to undergo a testing time. Financially, the native will face more expenditure than inflow of income. Unnecessary financial problems may crop up. On health front also, it will effect the native. Lack of happiness, heavy tensions, eye problems, severe mental tension, unnecessary travels and at times, the native will face problems from the near relatives. influences the domestic front as well as the business front, During the second phase, th native’s family will be disturbed. He will undergo a long journey. He will be haunted by enemies and some of the natives may also get separated. Financial problems, social dishonor, lack of good friends and over all the native will be under severe stress, children, family, health, and physical suffering or may even indicate the death of the native. During this period, the native may lack of happiness. Loss of position is to be noted. Expenditure will be more than income. Inflow of money will be there but it is not suffice. The native may likely involve into unnecessary disputes and legal problems and health will be at task. In this year 9 th September 2009 these are Rashi get evil effect of shani dev following of there—- (1)- Leo- Sade Sati ,(2)- Virgo- Sade Sati ,(3)- Libra- Sade Sati ,(4)- Aquarius-daaya(5)-Gemini rashi-daaya,So above all Rashi jatak is very necessary have to do complete remove of shani dev evil & negative effect of ur whole life by shanti yagya anushtaan of Maa Kali & Mahakaal ji and also get grace of GOD & Goddess Mahakaal & maa kali.
To get benefic effects of sade-sati on health, mental peace, family happiness, finance & profession you are suggested for Maha-mrityunjaya & Maa Kali Japa. Recited following mantra for Min 125000 times. punarcharana, havanan, danam .it’s yagya has not sufficient have to do only one time of During period of sade-sati.Guru maharaja suggest that because it’s Kalyuga not a satyuga so due this according to Puran every mantra all God or Goddess will be effective when I do process 4 time due this every two year & six month when shani dev change phase then u have to do must need of shani yagya anushtaan with complete process.Because shani dev is very pleased to do yagya and mantra chanting when do any sadhak of Maa Kali ,Mahakaal shiv,Hanumaan,Kaal bhairv,Ganesh ji, and get very positive effect of which person who have to do yagya with complete process .
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